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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Being a Mutineer can lead you to be a Bad Lieutenant in the Slow Reading Club,

 Since I've been contributing to Indie Dunes there has an interesting new developement occuring in my life LOL, Bands are finding me!! I'm not quite sure why, but I'm very bloody happy about it. This post is about three new finds I have recently discovered with the help of Twitter. I am supposed to be the backward reminiscing type of blogger in this duo. Fishie has accused me of stepping on her territory.

Couple of weeks ago The Mutineers from Manchester entered my Twitterverse. I first listened to the debut album "Friends, Lovers, Rivals" on Soundcloud. Pretty quickly I went to Spotify and created a play list. And to be honest, its going to be an iTunes purchase this week. I've played it a stacks of times. The opening track "Infidelity", hooked me. The first few bars quickly took me to pleasing memories of the Pet Shop Boys or Electronic. its got to be my favourite listen for the year so far, by a long way.

I normally find when I listen to a new band, there's a push or pull search for a path to go down. In this album, there is only clear direction and a brilliant clear crisp style. They have the essence of everything I love in Indie music. I did a bit of reading and found these guys have been around the scene a while, but recently just got the Mutineers together. If I'm correct one of the lads played with one of my musical heroes band. Johnny Marr's Healers. One of those nice little connections that I love in my music. If you like great jingly jangled indie with intelligent lyrics then The Mutineers are going to be an excellent, frequently listened to addition to your collection. 

Shadow Kisses 
One Last Chance 

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Being followed by the above band, led to The Slow Readers Club capturing a space on my iPod.

First impression was, what a brilliant name. I thought a self help group, picking up my reading level from my tweets had followed me. I felt relief when I found out they were another band from Manchester, so once again I jumped on Spotify and found the self titled album. Ill be honest, took me a couple of listens to get into it. Didnt have the instant appeal of The Muts. That has changed BIG TIME. Its getting frequently played, especially on the way to work. its louder and has a harder edge. These guys know how to make a song feel dramatic and very listenable. The slower tracks remind me of the Doves. The facebook page for the band, refer to them sounding like Arcade Fire, Interpol and The Killers. Personally the opening track One Chance, reminded me of Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion album. I messaged Fishie saying, the drummer sounded like Alan Wilder drumming (she tends to collapse laughing when I say crap like that LOL).

If this band sound like Arcade Fire, I might have to go and give Arcade Fire another listen, because I never connected with them, but I have with The Slow Readers Club. Once again I have linked a couple of tracks for you, do yourself a favour, listen to this great new band. The second track on the album "One More Minute" is probably my favourite ATM and it has been on repeat quite a bit. Third track "Frozen" is also great....Wait the whole bloody album is great.......just go and buy it LOL. Once again get on twitter and show your support .

Finally. Bad Lieutenant.

I've always liked New Order, but when Bernard Sumner linked up for Electronic with my musical hero that I became a huge listener of Bernie's tunes. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of the Bad Lieutenant album. I once again have to thank The Mutineers because I only found out about it reading their bio. I must have been hiding under a big red rock when they released the CD "Never Cry Another Tear" Its a really enjoyable listen. Its not ground breaking, its very reminiscent of the Electronic sound Bernie created with Johnny Marr. Thats a great thing to my ears. Highlights though BS will produce great tunes no matter who are his band mates.

Sink or Swim 
Hope you enjoyed my adventure into new music blogging LOL...
Please listen and leave a comment, or get on twitter and contact @Mutineers__ and @slowreadersclub let them know your thoughts. Nothing beats honest feedback straight from the horses mouth. Both groups are really welcoming and friendly in the social media circle

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