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Sunday, 13 May 2012

We The Dead

We The Dead (Manchester, UK)

I hunt for new bands with a passion. Its borderline obsession, a never-ending mission. You need to track down sources, click on endless links (sometimes leading you to things you didn’t really need to see), you need to listen to hours upon hours of mind altering, soul destroying, cringe educing tune hell until, once in a while, you find yourself sitting up straight, peeking up from behind a self-defence haze (white noise white noise), and start replaying the one tune in a 1000 that made the suffering worth it.

And then you go into a perve/stalk mode of the band – but that’s a whole different story.

Image taken from the band's official website

So, being used to the above, you can imagine my surprise when a band found me! I got an alert that a “wethedead” started following me on soundcloud (how on earth they found my uneventful soundcloud existence I will never know). I logged on, checked out their soundcloud page – three tunes. Hm, I thought – only three, this is promising (new band new band). And then I played the first tune on there (The Dead) – and I have to say, they made my day.

All I know is that they are from Manchester, and they have three tunes on soundcloud and their tumblr. Other than that – they are a mystery.

In their own words: were from Manchester UK, we have a demo tape coming out in the next few weeks, playing a mini tour in the UK in July and are going to begin recording the 'Thelema' EP.

Take a listen, put them on your radar, I demand all the credit for leading them to you :P

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