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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Doubtful Sound

Venus passed between Earth and the Sun today, and won’t again for the next 120 years, mini eclipse. I think I was driving to work at the time… The heat outside is melting tyres and my eyeballs, its close to 50C (not Venus related, this happens all the time). Why oh why would a nomad chose to set up camp here will forever be lost to me. Two seasons in Abu Dhabi – summer and hell. Hell reigns at the moment.
Intro rant over…

A Doubtful Sound, from New Zealand, now in Bristol, UK.

Whenever I watch YouTube videos of 90s Alternative bands, viewer comments lament over the fact that 90s alternative/grunge rock has not met its match in the 2000s (when they are not arguing over whose band is better than whose).

I tend to agree. A gem pops up here and there, but the scene is lost to us. I miss the 90s, the alternative scene, births of techno, the onslaught of rave, madchester at its best, I miss it all, except Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm song…

And then A Doubtful Sound happened, and my faith in music returned. Accidental discovery yet again, I am loving soundcloud at the moment – its leading me to great finds of the unsigned variety – A Doubtful Sound keeps 90s grunge alive.

I can hear Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Babes in Toyland, STP, a bit of Bush, hmmm some Pearl Jam, all echoing their approval through faint touches of influence throughout my favourite tune – Shooter. I have been replaying it a lot since I heard it first.

I will bug them for more information (bio if you will), but until then – enjoy the tunes and spread the word.

You can listen to more of their tunes on their Soundcloud page, visit their webpage and not laugh at boxing mice here, and FB them if you are so inclined.

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