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Friday, 31 August 2012

I March To The Beat Of My Own Drummer

I haven't reported on Abu Dhabi weather for a while, to Toons' utter dismay - so here goes: have you ever burned the soles of your feet (through shoes) on tarmac? I have. Last week. Walked from parked car to office - hmmm about 250 metres worth, and haven't recovered since. I am paying for all past and future sins here, few weeks, just a few more weeks and the hell will be over. Until then, I refuse to touch the ground. Or hold the steering wheel with bare hands. O.o
Dark Furs (Silverlake, CA)

Dark Furs is a duo formed in 2010, London born Suzanne May (vocals) and SC based guitarist Chad Philipps. They released their debut EP in May 2012, featuring 5 songs of bubbling energy disguised under a dream pop tag. They site Joy Division as one of their influences. (I hear a nod to Cocteau Twins, too - especially in their tune French Love).
Suzanne's singing style reminds me a lot of She Keeps Bees Jessica Larrabee's - impressive control over their vocals - switching from fiery to reserved and almost demure, commanding that you stop and pay attention to what they have to say.
Very little information about Dark Furs out there at the moment - I found an interview HERE

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Brit Pop Inflicted

Caesars of the Green (New Delhi, India)

I know I have said it before, and yes I am repeating myself – but I am loving soundcloud at the moment. This time it leads me to Caesars of the Green, a brand new band hailing from India.

In their own words:

Caesars of the Green is an indie rock band. Formed in the fall of 2011 in New Delhi, the band consists of Sidharth Malik (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Satyum Joshi (lead guitar), Ajit Rajian (bass guitar) and Ujjwal Kumar (drums, percussion). The band released their debut EP 'You've Seen As I've Made You' in February, 2012. Their brand of indie rock draws on influences such as Kings of leon, Blur, The Libertines, MGMT, Bob Dylan, Sigur ros, Joy Division and Dylan Thomas, leading to the creation of a unique brit pop inflicted indie rock sound. The theme of their lyrically driven music revolves around the philosophy of an ideal for living.

A must add to your indie radar (fishie says)

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Idles (Bristol, UK)

Oh Dear. Post Punk. Dangerously addictive, it’s a rare find these days, wave after wave of unstoppable energy, building up to the point where I so want to scream out loud. Orgasmic. Yes. Four piece band from Bristol: Joe Talbot (Vocals), Adam Devonshire (Bass), Andy S (Guitars), Mark Bowen (Guitars) and Jon Beavis (Drums).
This post will grow as I manage to dig out more information about them – in the meantime: debut album 'Welcome' came out in August - order it HERE and listen to the tunes below to get a taste - their only fault – you can’t take them with you. I wish I get to see them live one day.


TICP - Volume 5 - Sadly the last one

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IndieTernational - India

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