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Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Wait Is Driving Me Nuts.

You know that feeling when you find a new cool band, you get hands on the first few tracks, or maybe they have released an album by the time you do your discovering. And they blow you away. If you never experience that feeling, go read Fishie's posts and get a feeling what it might be like. But im guessing if you are here reading this, you know exactly what I mean.

Im having a hard time waitng for the next Delphic release. I stumbled across this band by complete accident early 2011, cant even remember how LOL. But I fell in love with the single Doubt after watching them on Jules Holland Later show. Really caught my attention. 


I think nearly everyone that hears Delphic puts them down as the NEW ORDER for the 00s and there are definate similarities (to my ears) and thats a great thing. You can hear the bass influence of Peter Hook, its just blended in the background a little more. New Orders Republic Album is the one I probably associate Delphic sounding similar too. Both create such a great atomsphere, with there choice of electronic sounds and beats.

I was so impressed with the Delphic sound I delved a little deeper, how did they managed to create that murky atomsphere for a young band. Atomosphere mixed with this bright uplifting energy. Its a great combination. I was once again impressed and pleasantly surprised to find a strong link to some of my other musical interests.

This is what I love about discovery, its not just the listening to new music, its finding little links, to your past, and gives you an insight to what tasty morsels could be coming up in your musical future. I revell in the little connections that seem to crop up in lots of the music I listen to.

Delphic had a star in the electronic genre produce their first album, this guy is Ewan Pearson. 



Let me digress, I'm a huge EBTG fan (Everything But The Girl) and the evolution of Ben Watt into an amazing Deep House DJ with Lazy Dog and then founder of Buzzin Fly Records (Deep House / Deep Techno / Indie) has led me into places I never expected to go. This is where I first heard of aforemention Mr Pearson. Ive been listening to Pearson remix tunes on the Buzzin Fly for quite a while. He has remixed and worked with Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, and produced records for The Rapture, Tracey Thorn and obviously Delphic LOL. Pearson seems to have captured the essence of Delphics music perfectly. They work amazingly well, he lifts the track into a gentle euphoric wave just at the right moment.. and its one of my favourite albums of recent times.

Be interesting to see what comes out with the new album. Who is going to produce it hmmmmm. From reading and floating around on the net, the little samples of tracks I am hearing is teasing me into wanting a release soon. Its getting closer, thankfully. Still no concrete release date. Im sort of glad it hasnt been rushed, but i hope its not going to be a Stone Roses Second Coming type of wait. LOL Because that will truly drive me bonkers. 



Heres a few tracks if you havent exposed youself to Delphic before:)

Also here is a Ewan Pearson Remix of a classic truly loved Depeche Mode classic

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Remix)

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