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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


As I logged on today to post this, I looked at the blogger “dashboard”, where you get a report on the page views and traffic sources. And I need this explained to me: how on earth does a “dental implant site” lead you to IndieDunes, or indie anything for that matter?! Strange day…

Disappears (Chicago, USA obviously)

Disappears have been around since 2008, in that time they’ve released three albums – Lux in 2010, Guider in 2011 and Pre Language in 2012.

This is not a band of teenagers – Brian Case who put the band together used to be with 90 Day Men (formed in mid 90s), and the drummer is none other than Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelly. Guitarist Jonathan Van Herik and bassist Damon Carruesco form the rest of the band.

Their style is described from shoegaze (adds the genre to Word’s dictionary which INSISTS it shoe gaze ffs) over krautrock (oh Word hasn’t even got a suggestion for a replacement for this one) to alternative and garage rock, safe to say no harps and tambourines, rather Reverb Delay Drums Heavy Tremolo Feedback Guitars Repetition (I’m quoting their Soundcloud).

I was reading various reviews of their debut album – and what caught my attention is the fact that every reviewer had a different fave track – not one stood out – which to me translates into equal attention given to the whole album as opposed to chasing a hit. Love <3.

Tune on repeat today (and yesterday for that matter):
From Lux – Magics

Enjoy and spread the word xxx

Stalk options:
Official site - where you can download three live tunes woot
Their blog
My Space

Friday, 8 June 2012

Lets Not Die Wondering.....Amida, Marner Brown, Duke and the Darlings

Its Friday morning and I'm looking forward to the winter long weekend in Australia. Its cold outside, a thin layer of ice is covering the windscreen of my mucky white one. Its safe to say, just like anyone else Id rather still be in bed than driving into a place where they have to pay me to come.

With every grey cloud (work) there comes a sliver lining (driving to). Time to myself where I can trundle down the road listening to some tunes thinking "I need to share these with the Indie Dunes Dudes (I.D.D, sounds like a contraceptive) ...Hmmmmmm, Note to self....think of something else other than dudes to call the readers... Or better still, put your ideas on a postcard and post to....for a chance to win a highly coveted and very stylish I.D badge designed by Fishie (that will freak her, because she is yet to design a badge)

First band today was Amida,

I've been listening to this 5 piece Anglo / American Manchester based band for a couple of weeks on and off now. Once again discovered from Twitter. Amida inspired the title of this post and its pretty apt. The band formed a few years ago and have a few releases. I have been listening to the latest offering "My Life As A Trashcan" Amida get straight to the point with the title track. Power pop at its economic best. WHACK...Five instruments getting into it and a singer that you sense is having a great time singing with the band. The energy tells me that this band loves the music it plays and it hopes you do to. I did!!! You can draw all the similarities between different bands, you can hear Pixies in there for sure. There is a great fusion between the American / English influences in the band. Its familiar, yet individual. When I listen to this band, I get the same sense of fun and enjoyment that I do when I listen to the Violent Femmes (No I don't think they are similar LOL but I hope you know what I mean).

I mentioned the band play economic power pop, its an 8 track release and most songs are just over 2 mins. The band do mix it up with a slower tracks and the slow songs tug emotional cord. Reversal Of Fortune takes me back to Blurs "Modern Life is Rubbish" phase. The quick tracks are my favourites. They are the ones that kept me coming back, and will continue draw me back for a fun time.

Just to finish off Amida, how can I summarise, hmmmm if I'm out having a brewski with a couple of mates, and this band were playing, I wouldn't bloody leave until they did!! Enjoy the tracks I attached and once again get on Twitter and pass on your feedback.

I was rude, You were fast

Starting to sound like if you add me on Twitter Ill write a blog about your band LOL. Marner Brown found me, I visited their soundcloud stuff and really liked it. I think the biggest compliment I can give to Marner Brown is that I'm singing along to Dirty Weekend like its been in my library for years. its a great track. You know if Paul Weller gives you free reign of his studio, there is something going on that should be taken noticed off. And I'm sure supporting Indies iconic Ocean Colour Scene hasn't detracted from their pulling power. Once again, here is a band who's energy comes leaping through your speakers. I would love to see this band strut their stuff live. Definite long term vibe thing going on with band. its just bloody good fun to listen to. makes you wanna get tight jeans, a black tee shirt and a pair of ripples on and go jump around like a loon. The boys from Marner Brown have a great Facebook page, go "like" them and start spreading the word. Got a feeling in mehhhh bones. they are going to get really popular very bloody quickly.

Ive linked the soundcloud page so you can choose the tracks you wanna try :)

Finally and last but not least.

Another Manchester band, Duke and the Darlings release Live at Abbey Road, its a cool EP. 3 really tightly crafted tracks. Each one having a distinctly different feel. Really quite a pleasure (that sounds quite posh) to listen to these guys put their love of beer and friendship on a record for us all to share. Stop and Go the first track gets my foot tapping, and takes my mind to a place in some RHCPs track that I cant remember the name of, don't get me wrong, its not a Chili pepper type of song LOL, Maybe I need more beer anyway (End of waffle). Let Me Down is louder, full of raw energy and brings to mind one of my favourite Aussie bands Birds of Tokyo. The last track House of Cards, very reminiscent of The Bluetones slower tunes. Linked FB and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure...

If these three bands haven't already bounded out of your speakers, go expand your library. You wont be disappointed. AND if you are lucky enough, go listen to them live. Nothing beats listening experiencing a band do there thang....
Well I'm all worded out. I'm off to find some funky soul tunes....Could I be serious, or joking slightly....Hmmmmmm one will never know (this jubilee has me speaking like a toff).

Crusty Toon xx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Doubtful Sound

Venus passed between Earth and the Sun today, and won’t again for the next 120 years, mini eclipse. I think I was driving to work at the time… The heat outside is melting tyres and my eyeballs, its close to 50C (not Venus related, this happens all the time). Why oh why would a nomad chose to set up camp here will forever be lost to me. Two seasons in Abu Dhabi – summer and hell. Hell reigns at the moment.
Intro rant over…

A Doubtful Sound, from New Zealand, now in Bristol, UK.

Whenever I watch YouTube videos of 90s Alternative bands, viewer comments lament over the fact that 90s alternative/grunge rock has not met its match in the 2000s (when they are not arguing over whose band is better than whose).

I tend to agree. A gem pops up here and there, but the scene is lost to us. I miss the 90s, the alternative scene, births of techno, the onslaught of rave, madchester at its best, I miss it all, except Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm song…

And then A Doubtful Sound happened, and my faith in music returned. Accidental discovery yet again, I am loving soundcloud at the moment – its leading me to great finds of the unsigned variety – A Doubtful Sound keeps 90s grunge alive.

I can hear Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Babes in Toyland, STP, a bit of Bush, hmmm some Pearl Jam, all echoing their approval through faint touches of influence throughout my favourite tune – Shooter. I have been replaying it a lot since I heard it first.

I will bug them for more information (bio if you will), but until then – enjoy the tunes and spread the word.

You can listen to more of their tunes on their Soundcloud page, visit their webpage and not laugh at boxing mice here, and FB them if you are so inclined.


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