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Monday, 14 May 2012


Now its my "role" on this blog to draw attention to past Indie bands, and hopefully bring awareness to some older bands that may have disbanded or drifted out of people consciousness. So this blog might seem a little contradictory to what I'm suppose to be doing LOL.

REUNIONS have become the vogue in the last view months since the announcement made by The Stone Roses. Now I know reunions aren't a new thing, but as a generation Xer with a love for Indie music in the 90s its really the first time I'm having to deal with all the mixed emotions this issue brings up. So please put up with my pointed confusions LOL. I like to waffle and ramble on "sometimes".

I was so excited when the Stone Roses announced the gigs in Manchester. I thought WOW, wish I could go. Then quickly countered with THANK THE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS I CAN'T. The Stone Roses were born from an amazing era in the Madchester Baggy scene. The baton had passed from the Smith, New Order and the Fall. They captured a mood and movement along with The Happy Mondays, Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets and even the Scoucers The Farm grabbed the world of music by the scruff of the neck. It captured the growing dance movement and kept it in a traditional band format. Great happy times for my musical enlightenment. There was so much new music rolling along on funky bass and drum beats, with intelligent clever lyrics. I was in a good place.

I was lucky enough to see a the Inspiral Carpets play to a small but adoring crowd, I didnt get to experience the buzz of being in a crowd for a Mondays or Roses gig. Notice I say the BUZZ of being there, I listened to boot legs (not as easy back then on dodgy cassettes). The bandmanship on stage didnt grab me, in fact in seemed decidedly as dodgy as the recording I was listening to. The buzz it seemed came from being in a group of like minded "bombed of your nut" fellow fans. Not every great band is good on stage, and in my opinion The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays fall into this bracket. I don't think Ian Brown is going to cut the mustard in his late 40s early 50s that maybe Jagger can drag out of his coffin. And as for Shaun Rider, he is going to miss Bez. Its all going to be a bit pedestrian LOL. The studio albums from these bands are some of my most highly listened to tunes in my library. I can just see this going really really really badly. The Happy Mondays twitter and facebooks have already been blocked because its fucking annoying drivel.

Neds Atomic Dustbin are the newest announcers of a reunion gig...A 1off gig APPARENTLY, but its close to being sold out. SOOOOOOO I can see it expanding into a tour. So maybe I'm out of step with the idea of reunions. Neds were a fantastic band, with the unusual quality of having two bass players. I was lucky enough to see them tour on the "Are You Normal" and I loved watching John bounce around like a loon. Neds were a brilliant band to see live. But I reckon its going to look a little sad with everyone my age looking for a spot in the stalls to sit down with beer because "my back is playing up" LOL. I do believe Dan Dan the Fast Drummer Man has a new CD with his band Bouncing Ball (or is that the man of the CD....ooops) LOL, why not concentrate on the future.


I love the Smiths, I love the Smiths more than any other band on the planet, and yes Id pay the flight costs to see the Smiths play live once more...But I love the Smiths more for having the balls and the gumption to stick with the "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" stance. Saves me from making the decision on divorce and starvig my kids. Take note: Let the records stand and understand time moves on.

I'm a bit like John Lennon, I don't like violence, but lately I think to myself. I'm sort of glad the dude that popped JL all those years ago. Took away the possibility of a Beatles reunion. Thank God for the smallest mercies.

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