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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Being a Mutineer can lead you to be a Bad Lieutenant in the Slow Reading Club,

 Since I've been contributing to Indie Dunes there has an interesting new developement occuring in my life LOL, Bands are finding me!! I'm not quite sure why, but I'm very bloody happy about it. This post is about three new finds I have recently discovered with the help of Twitter. I am supposed to be the backward reminiscing type of blogger in this duo. Fishie has accused me of stepping on her territory.

Couple of weeks ago The Mutineers from Manchester entered my Twitterverse. I first listened to the debut album "Friends, Lovers, Rivals" on Soundcloud. Pretty quickly I went to Spotify and created a play list. And to be honest, its going to be an iTunes purchase this week. I've played it a stacks of times. The opening track "Infidelity", hooked me. The first few bars quickly took me to pleasing memories of the Pet Shop Boys or Electronic. its got to be my favourite listen for the year so far, by a long way.

I normally find when I listen to a new band, there's a push or pull search for a path to go down. In this album, there is only clear direction and a brilliant clear crisp style. They have the essence of everything I love in Indie music. I did a bit of reading and found these guys have been around the scene a while, but recently just got the Mutineers together. If I'm correct one of the lads played with one of my musical heroes band. Johnny Marr's Healers. One of those nice little connections that I love in my music. If you like great jingly jangled indie with intelligent lyrics then The Mutineers are going to be an excellent, frequently listened to addition to your collection. 

Shadow Kisses 
One Last Chance 

some cool merchandise also here

Being followed by the above band, led to The Slow Readers Club capturing a space on my iPod.

First impression was, what a brilliant name. I thought a self help group, picking up my reading level from my tweets had followed me. I felt relief when I found out they were another band from Manchester, so once again I jumped on Spotify and found the self titled album. Ill be honest, took me a couple of listens to get into it. Didnt have the instant appeal of The Muts. That has changed BIG TIME. Its getting frequently played, especially on the way to work. its louder and has a harder edge. These guys know how to make a song feel dramatic and very listenable. The slower tracks remind me of the Doves. The facebook page for the band, refer to them sounding like Arcade Fire, Interpol and The Killers. Personally the opening track One Chance, reminded me of Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion album. I messaged Fishie saying, the drummer sounded like Alan Wilder drumming (she tends to collapse laughing when I say crap like that LOL).

If this band sound like Arcade Fire, I might have to go and give Arcade Fire another listen, because I never connected with them, but I have with The Slow Readers Club. Once again I have linked a couple of tracks for you, do yourself a favour, listen to this great new band. The second track on the album "One More Minute" is probably my favourite ATM and it has been on repeat quite a bit. Third track "Frozen" is also great....Wait the whole bloody album is great.......just go and buy it LOL. Once again get on twitter and show your support .

Finally. Bad Lieutenant.

I've always liked New Order, but when Bernard Sumner linked up for Electronic with my musical hero that I became a huge listener of Bernie's tunes. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of the Bad Lieutenant album. I once again have to thank The Mutineers because I only found out about it reading their bio. I must have been hiding under a big red rock when they released the CD "Never Cry Another Tear" Its a really enjoyable listen. Its not ground breaking, its very reminiscent of the Electronic sound Bernie created with Johnny Marr. Thats a great thing to my ears. Highlights though BS will produce great tunes no matter who are his band mates.

Sink or Swim 
Hope you enjoyed my adventure into new music blogging LOL...
Please listen and leave a comment, or get on twitter and contact @Mutineers__ and @slowreadersclub let them know your thoughts. Nothing beats honest feedback straight from the horses mouth. Both groups are really welcoming and friendly in the social media circle

Sunday, 20 May 2012

On The Radar

First of all, we’d like to thank all of our silent readers – our blog has been live for a little over three weeks – and we’ve had 400 page reads – which makes these two blog virgins extremely happy and eager to keep sharing our musical finds, thoughts, views and memories.

He-who-shall-remain-nameless-and-took-forever-to-write-his-first-post is now cracking the whip (his words) and threatening all sorts of nastiness if I do not publish a new post now right now right now.

Well then…

"On The Radar" is how I tag bands I find interesting on first listen, on It helps me keep track of what I discover; it’s easy to forget when going through hundreds of bands a week. I will be dedicating weekly posts to my On The Radar bands, ladies first.

Cruel Black Dove (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Mmmm, guitar, bass, drum, female vocals – is basically the long and the short of what I like to listen to most. The next tune is it. Cruel Black Dove has been around since 2007. Think PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Curve, Depeche in a Twin Peaks haze. Yeah. Website with freebies and further reading.

Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hookers (Brookly, NY, USA)

While we are on the subject of PJ, Nick and Brooklyn, here is another one – she is described as a vulgar Ella Fitzgerald, compared to Blondie, The Cramps and Dresden Dolls…. which is not evident in the next tune, you need to listen further and make your own opinion, here is just a taste. For more info go here

She Keeps Bees (I give you one guess, NY, USA)

Out of the three, She Keeps Bees and I have had the longest relationship. I meant to dedicate a full post to them, and might still do so – but at the moment they fit here nicely. Two piece band, blues rock, she taught him to play drums (she and he are a couple). My favourite tune up next, you can find their tunes here.

She Keeps Bees - Gimmie

Over and out, next post will be dedicated to bands from my neck of the woods – Serbia. Worry not, we speaka da English.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Wait Is Driving Me Nuts.

You know that feeling when you find a new cool band, you get hands on the first few tracks, or maybe they have released an album by the time you do your discovering. And they blow you away. If you never experience that feeling, go read Fishie's posts and get a feeling what it might be like. But im guessing if you are here reading this, you know exactly what I mean.

Im having a hard time waitng for the next Delphic release. I stumbled across this band by complete accident early 2011, cant even remember how LOL. But I fell in love with the single Doubt after watching them on Jules Holland Later show. Really caught my attention. 


I think nearly everyone that hears Delphic puts them down as the NEW ORDER for the 00s and there are definate similarities (to my ears) and thats a great thing. You can hear the bass influence of Peter Hook, its just blended in the background a little more. New Orders Republic Album is the one I probably associate Delphic sounding similar too. Both create such a great atomsphere, with there choice of electronic sounds and beats.

I was so impressed with the Delphic sound I delved a little deeper, how did they managed to create that murky atomsphere for a young band. Atomosphere mixed with this bright uplifting energy. Its a great combination. I was once again impressed and pleasantly surprised to find a strong link to some of my other musical interests.

This is what I love about discovery, its not just the listening to new music, its finding little links, to your past, and gives you an insight to what tasty morsels could be coming up in your musical future. I revell in the little connections that seem to crop up in lots of the music I listen to.

Delphic had a star in the electronic genre produce their first album, this guy is Ewan Pearson. 



Let me digress, I'm a huge EBTG fan (Everything But The Girl) and the evolution of Ben Watt into an amazing Deep House DJ with Lazy Dog and then founder of Buzzin Fly Records (Deep House / Deep Techno / Indie) has led me into places I never expected to go. This is where I first heard of aforemention Mr Pearson. Ive been listening to Pearson remix tunes on the Buzzin Fly for quite a while. He has remixed and worked with Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, and produced records for The Rapture, Tracey Thorn and obviously Delphic LOL. Pearson seems to have captured the essence of Delphics music perfectly. They work amazingly well, he lifts the track into a gentle euphoric wave just at the right moment.. and its one of my favourite albums of recent times.

Be interesting to see what comes out with the new album. Who is going to produce it hmmmmm. From reading and floating around on the net, the little samples of tracks I am hearing is teasing me into wanting a release soon. Its getting closer, thankfully. Still no concrete release date. Im sort of glad it hasnt been rushed, but i hope its not going to be a Stone Roses Second Coming type of wait. LOL Because that will truly drive me bonkers. 



Heres a few tracks if you havent exposed youself to Delphic before:)

Also here is a Ewan Pearson Remix of a classic truly loved Depeche Mode classic

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Remix)

Monday, 14 May 2012


Now its my "role" on this blog to draw attention to past Indie bands, and hopefully bring awareness to some older bands that may have disbanded or drifted out of people consciousness. So this blog might seem a little contradictory to what I'm suppose to be doing LOL.

REUNIONS have become the vogue in the last view months since the announcement made by The Stone Roses. Now I know reunions aren't a new thing, but as a generation Xer with a love for Indie music in the 90s its really the first time I'm having to deal with all the mixed emotions this issue brings up. So please put up with my pointed confusions LOL. I like to waffle and ramble on "sometimes".

I was so excited when the Stone Roses announced the gigs in Manchester. I thought WOW, wish I could go. Then quickly countered with THANK THE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS I CAN'T. The Stone Roses were born from an amazing era in the Madchester Baggy scene. The baton had passed from the Smith, New Order and the Fall. They captured a mood and movement along with The Happy Mondays, Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets and even the Scoucers The Farm grabbed the world of music by the scruff of the neck. It captured the growing dance movement and kept it in a traditional band format. Great happy times for my musical enlightenment. There was so much new music rolling along on funky bass and drum beats, with intelligent clever lyrics. I was in a good place.

I was lucky enough to see a the Inspiral Carpets play to a small but adoring crowd, I didnt get to experience the buzz of being in a crowd for a Mondays or Roses gig. Notice I say the BUZZ of being there, I listened to boot legs (not as easy back then on dodgy cassettes). The bandmanship on stage didnt grab me, in fact in seemed decidedly as dodgy as the recording I was listening to. The buzz it seemed came from being in a group of like minded "bombed of your nut" fellow fans. Not every great band is good on stage, and in my opinion The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays fall into this bracket. I don't think Ian Brown is going to cut the mustard in his late 40s early 50s that maybe Jagger can drag out of his coffin. And as for Shaun Rider, he is going to miss Bez. Its all going to be a bit pedestrian LOL. The studio albums from these bands are some of my most highly listened to tunes in my library. I can just see this going really really really badly. The Happy Mondays twitter and facebooks have already been blocked because its fucking annoying drivel.

Neds Atomic Dustbin are the newest announcers of a reunion gig...A 1off gig APPARENTLY, but its close to being sold out. SOOOOOOO I can see it expanding into a tour. So maybe I'm out of step with the idea of reunions. Neds were a fantastic band, with the unusual quality of having two bass players. I was lucky enough to see them tour on the "Are You Normal" and I loved watching John bounce around like a loon. Neds were a brilliant band to see live. But I reckon its going to look a little sad with everyone my age looking for a spot in the stalls to sit down with beer because "my back is playing up" LOL. I do believe Dan Dan the Fast Drummer Man has a new CD with his band Bouncing Ball (or is that the man of the CD....ooops) LOL, why not concentrate on the future.


I love the Smiths, I love the Smiths more than any other band on the planet, and yes Id pay the flight costs to see the Smiths play live once more...But I love the Smiths more for having the balls and the gumption to stick with the "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" stance. Saves me from making the decision on divorce and starvig my kids. Take note: Let the records stand and understand time moves on.

I'm a bit like John Lennon, I don't like violence, but lately I think to myself. I'm sort of glad the dude that popped JL all those years ago. Took away the possibility of a Beatles reunion. Thank God for the smallest mercies.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

We The Dead

We The Dead (Manchester, UK)

I hunt for new bands with a passion. Its borderline obsession, a never-ending mission. You need to track down sources, click on endless links (sometimes leading you to things you didn’t really need to see), you need to listen to hours upon hours of mind altering, soul destroying, cringe educing tune hell until, once in a while, you find yourself sitting up straight, peeking up from behind a self-defence haze (white noise white noise), and start replaying the one tune in a 1000 that made the suffering worth it.

And then you go into a perve/stalk mode of the band – but that’s a whole different story.

Image taken from the band's official website

So, being used to the above, you can imagine my surprise when a band found me! I got an alert that a “wethedead” started following me on soundcloud (how on earth they found my uneventful soundcloud existence I will never know). I logged on, checked out their soundcloud page – three tunes. Hm, I thought – only three, this is promising (new band new band). And then I played the first tune on there (The Dead) – and I have to say, they made my day.

All I know is that they are from Manchester, and they have three tunes on soundcloud and their tumblr. Other than that – they are a mystery.

In their own words: were from Manchester UK, we have a demo tape coming out in the next few weeks, playing a mini tour in the UK in July and are going to begin recording the 'Thelema' EP.

Take a listen, put them on your radar, I demand all the credit for leading them to you :P

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Waking up to sad news - RIP MCA

A sad day for me today. I flick on to twitter and start reading all the 140 character little snippets from around the world and then one catches my eye. A true musical pioneer has left us early once again. I've attached a link to the article I read.

Sitting here reflexing on how three white dudes could have had such an influence on a culture created and born from Afro American culture. The influence the Hip Hop / Rap culture has played quite a significant role in my musical enlightement and my development as a person.

Sadly in my eyes, its been hijacked by images of full on round booty seductresses being called Biatches and Hoes...A far cry from the message of uniting and striffing together for political awarenes. it was a message that started in the USA, but for once, this american movement could have a positive impact for a lot of people around the globe. 

The reason the B Boys did play such a big part is because (in my eyes) were one of the first to start spreading the vision of inclusivness beyond a bunch of black brothers, their brotherhood was the world. 

Public Enemy were the start of my political awareness, they opened up the injustices to my eyes, but in reflection, I could only be a passanger on the journey. The Beastie Boys, gave me the insight that being "white" didnt stop me from connecting with the struggles of the repressed around the globe. (Sounds silly doesnt it LOL) Then RATM came along and that was it for me....POLITICAL ENLIGHTMENT an anger an energy. Let the learning begin

Just look, read and remember all of the work BBs did organising benefit concerts for the Tibetan movement. Also they were (from memory) one of the first bands to start denouncing the attacks on Iraq, at the time this was not a widely popular stance. But they continued to get the message out there.

Musically, the Beastie Boys werent just a white rap trio. They wrote seriously cool groove Jazz pieces (The In Sound From Way Out!) and their punk driven stuff hits me where its suppose to. Smack in the face. Aglio E Olio EP 8 songs and 11 mins of punk genuis LOL.

Ive attempted to link a few songs in...Fingers crossed LOL...Enjoy 

Rest Peacefully  Adam Yauch MCA Thank You....

Sure Shot - Ill Communication
Groove Holmes - The In Sound From Way Out
Nervous Assistant - Anglio E Olio

PS Did you know the BBs had a drummer in the original line up. NOOO, go listen to Luscious Jacksons - Natural Ingredients album to hear her ;)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

20th Anniversary = Perfect Start to RIDE

Welcome to my first post EVER on ANY blog LMAO.

Ive been trying to think what I could blog about for a long time (Fishie will attest to this LOL). Then I happened to stumble across a release notice of a band that was at the forefront of my Indie journey. The decision was made, and so it is, here we go!!

Firstly let me sort of describe where my journey started.

Im in Australia, it was before the time the internet really existed and you either learned about new music through reading 4 week old NME's or 4 month old Qmag's. I was sitting up late one night watching the acclaimed and highly regarded all night music show Rage (its an instituation in Oz for drunk revellers returning home). They had Triples Js Hottest 100 on, and I sat and watched the whole thing start to finish (videotaping LOL the whole thing). I can't quite remember but it must have been early 1992. I was mesmerized listening to the bands in the 100 - 60 bracket. This was when i decided "There was more to music than what the radio played" I started to research bands and a whole new obbession entered my life. A lot of my posts are going to try and give you a hint of the excitement and joy these bands have given me over many years and maybe (just maybe) introduce you to some long forgetten gems

Anyway, enough of that. Oh one more thing. I get all my stuff from memory, not reading other stuff on Wiki, its in my head, so if anything is incorrect, shoot me LOL

Its the 20th anniversary of Ride releasing "Going Blank Again" What a bloody fantastic album. 'Twas one of the first Indie albums I bought way back then. Artwork is great, Cucumber Face bright and colourful and I remember think WOW look at those lips, must be juicy. This wasnt Rides first album though. Lets regress in the Ride story, just a bit.

Ride, a 4 piece from the art school scene in Oxford. Mark and Andy on guitars, Lawrence (Loz) on drums and Steve on bass. The first Ride track I heard was on the above mentioned Hottest 100, it was a track called Vapour Trial. Im a bit of a Smiths fanatic, so the start of the track got my attention. A jangley guitar riff and a cloudy hazy voice, then it changed, the first bass kick comes in and this wall of sound washed over me. its not a WHACK SLAP YOU wall of sound, i conjure images when i listen to music, it reminds me of a cloudy morning haze lifting, The lyrics are simplistic, the guitars swirl and jangle, the bass rolls along, but the drums are the foreground. Then the track finishes with strings...It had everything I loved. I just had to get more of this band. Easier said than done in early 90s Oz. :o$

A week later, I bumped into an old friend, who told me his band were playing and I should come along. Remembering Id just been introdced to all these new bands, I was hungry to hear more stuff. They were pretty cool. During the interval I asked if they knew any Ride, and i was shocked by his response LOL....The last track was Ride you Tool!! It was completely fooking different..That track was Chelsea Girl. This was a SLAP IN MY FACE wall of sounded and I loved it.
Discovery of Indie record store and thats where my apprentice wages would start to vanish. I bought the Smile EP, the first album Nowhere and obviously Going Blank Again. I slipped this one straight into the open draw and prepared myself for a great afternoon of discovery

From the first notes of Going Blank Again I knew i wasnt going to be disappointed. Im a rhythm section type of guy...Maybe thats from listening to the Smiths a lot LOL..But the sound of Loz (one of my favourite drummers) and Steve on Bass, it was the perfect way to start the album after a few electronic notes. The album has three of my favourite Ride songs on it. Cool Your Boots (opening line comes from the movie Withnail and I) and the final two tracks Time Machine and OX4. it also has the commercially successful Twisterella, which is a poppy track. its a well produced album. When ever I play it, I always play it two or three times because I love it so much.

The Going Blank Again and Nowhere albums contrast each other beautifully, theres a rawness to Nowhere, its darker and brooding, the album artwork depicts the emotion and feeling of the album fantastically. Its a painting of a rolling wave just starting to build in momentum, the tracks take over, and lead you on the story of the wave (in the sound that is) Building to the track Taste, crashing on the waves, then the last two tracks, remind me of the white wash disappearing back in the ocean. Going Blank Again, shows a band maturing its sound, becoming bigger and more confident, and with hindsight now. Maybe to confident to quickly.

I was lucky enough to see Ride tour promoting and its a gig I feel very lucky to see. Lawrence, plays the drums so lazily, but he isnt a lazy drummer. He kept my attention the whole gig.

Ride started to have internal fighting for the start of there third album, and to be quite frank, you can tell. I didnt like it at all. They released a fourth and final album was released and then withdrawen. I wont tell you these albums...Go and discover them for yourself, you might like them.

Theres talk of Ride reforming on the back of this anniversary, and every good band will be mentioned after the Stone Roses anouncement. I dont think it will happen. Andy plays Bass in Oasis now and the others have played minor parts in other bands (from memory I think Mark did something with a member of Primal Scream)

So finally Ill invite you to "Waste no more enegy, waste no more time, step into this time machine, abroad this flight........."

Oh Oh Oh. One final thing. If anyone else does read this, Me and Fishie encourage and would enjoy reading your comments and thoughts on the posts. Even if you think they are crappy LOL. We all learn more about music, from throwing our thoughts and feelings back and forward and bouncing them off others.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Iran Underground

I was digging through a collection of songs I downloaded last year, mostly from one of the SXSW Festivals. I completely forgot about it – well, I didn't really – but the sheer number of bands featured is staggering, so I fall back to this source when I run out of current monthly playlists flying about. As usual, I digress. Long story short – I came across two Iranian bands – The Casualty Process and The Yellow Dogs. Further research didn't yield as much as I was hoping for – but enough to keep them on my radar from now on.

They have very similar stories with same difficult starts in their home country – namely because their music is not approved by the government – a concept most of us can’t even dream up. They are, in every sense of the word - underground.

The Casualty Process (Teheran, Iran)

Formerly called The Plastic Wave, The Casualty Process is a three person Iranian underground electronic band, with meaty bass, guitars and industrial beats, electro and rock influences (sounds a bit trip-hop to me in places), formed by Natch Nadjafi, songwriter, guitar/bass/keyboard player/laptop and Cis Nadjafi, vocalist, and joined by Shayan Amini, on guitar/bass. The first tune I heard was “Code” and that set me on the hunt for more.

So far, they have released LP – “[UN]even” (I love the artwork, the characters are inspired by their real life – each one tells a story) and single “Code”. They covered Pixies’ “Where is My Mind” and How to Destroy Angels’ “A Drowning” – all freely offered on their website with an option to buy or donate.

They are working on their first video “On The Ground”.

and now for something completely different

The Yellow Dogs…

... are an Iranian post-punk psychedelic band. Members include Obash (vocals& rhythm guitars), Looloosh (lead guitars & synth), Koory (bass & backing vocals) and Zina (drums). – they list Joy Division as their main source of influence.

They were formed in 2006, and like The Casualty Process – have had difficulties practicing and performing freely. Their first legal concert was in Istanbul, Turkey, followed by Brooklyn, NY, USA. They played two underground concerts in Tehran together with another Iranian band, the Free Keys, and performed in Bahman Ghobadi's Cannes Un Certain Regard award winning film, No One Knows About Persian Cats (a film about the underground rock scene in Iran).

You can find their EP, In The Kennel, on bandcamp.


TICP - Volume 5 - Sadly the last one

IndieTernational - Germany

IndieTernational - India

Grab It: Cross Wires #supportindie

IndieTernational - Greece

IndieTernational - Italy

Debut: Blockhouse Bay #supportindie


IndieTernational - Finland