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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Waking up to sad news - RIP MCA

A sad day for me today. I flick on to twitter and start reading all the 140 character little snippets from around the world and then one catches my eye. A true musical pioneer has left us early once again. I've attached a link to the article I read.

Sitting here reflexing on how three white dudes could have had such an influence on a culture created and born from Afro American culture. The influence the Hip Hop / Rap culture has played quite a significant role in my musical enlightement and my development as a person.

Sadly in my eyes, its been hijacked by images of full on round booty seductresses being called Biatches and Hoes...A far cry from the message of uniting and striffing together for political awarenes. it was a message that started in the USA, but for once, this american movement could have a positive impact for a lot of people around the globe. 

The reason the B Boys did play such a big part is because (in my eyes) were one of the first to start spreading the vision of inclusivness beyond a bunch of black brothers, their brotherhood was the world. 

Public Enemy were the start of my political awareness, they opened up the injustices to my eyes, but in reflection, I could only be a passanger on the journey. The Beastie Boys, gave me the insight that being "white" didnt stop me from connecting with the struggles of the repressed around the globe. (Sounds silly doesnt it LOL) Then RATM came along and that was it for me....POLITICAL ENLIGHTMENT an anger an energy. Let the learning begin

Just look, read and remember all of the work BBs did organising benefit concerts for the Tibetan movement. Also they were (from memory) one of the first bands to start denouncing the attacks on Iraq, at the time this was not a widely popular stance. But they continued to get the message out there.

Musically, the Beastie Boys werent just a white rap trio. They wrote seriously cool groove Jazz pieces (The In Sound From Way Out!) and their punk driven stuff hits me where its suppose to. Smack in the face. Aglio E Olio EP 8 songs and 11 mins of punk genuis LOL.

Ive attempted to link a few songs in...Fingers crossed LOL...Enjoy 

Rest Peacefully  Adam Yauch MCA Thank You....

Sure Shot - Ill Communication
Groove Holmes - The In Sound From Way Out
Nervous Assistant - Anglio E Olio

PS Did you know the BBs had a drummer in the original line up. NOOO, go listen to Luscious Jacksons - Natural Ingredients album to hear her ;)

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