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Monday, 23 April 2012

Pack A.D.

Pack A.D. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

They describe their music as being tribal, blues and punk infected garage-rock. woot woot woot

First track I ever heard was Pieces – from their latest album. It was on repeat for three days. It fit my mood perfectly. I do that. Obsess…

Chick band. Formed in 2006. Duo – singer, songwriter and guitarist Becky Black and Maya Miller – songwriter and drummer. They are being compared to the White Stripes, The Kills and the Black Keys. Maybe. I would add a touch of Hole in there, too. But I’m no expert.

Show them love – official site

2008 – Tintype
2008 – Funeral Mixtape (lol!)
2010 – We Kill Computers
2011 – Unpersons

It was very very very difficult to pick the tunes. From Unpersons:
Pack A.D. – Ride

October update:
Brand new track - The Water

Stalk options:
Official band website:

My Goodness

My Goodness (Seattle, USA)


Dirty Blues. Guitar and Drums. Dirty Music. Rawr.

Duo - guitarist (and vocals) Joel Schneider and drummer Ethan Jacobson, aka I want to have their babies (sorry babe). My Goodness is a band to watch. They’re relatively new but that hasn’t stopped Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament from noticing. He hand picked them to open for his solo project Tres Mountains in Seattle. Check them out, pick up their tunes and if they’re in your neck of the woods – go see them, for me, I beg you.

Oh my…

From their self-titled debut:


Capsula (Buenos Aries, Argentina)

Capsula have been around since 1998, I discovered them last year. They started singing in English in 2002 – which is a good thing – I get to understand. Three piece band – Martin Guevara (vocals, guitar), Coni Duchess (vocals, bass and projections) and Ignacio Villarejo (drums, percussion).

Alternative/garage/psychedelic type rock, my favourite kind. They are influenced by 1960s South American psychedelic rock scene (which I know absolutely nothing about – and will make it this year’s project to find out), starting in Argentina and moving to Bilbao in 2001 – where they have since remained.

I need to see them live. Once the shackles of this desert release me…



1999 - Sublime
2000 - Yudoka
2000 - Ultimo Fragmento
2002 - Capsula
2006 - Songs & Circuits
2006 - Rising Mountains
2009 - Ivan Julian & Capsula - The Naked Flame
2011 - In The Land Of Silver Souls
2001 - "Imagines Paganas" - Virus Tribute.
2004 - "From the Sun"
2005 - "Shshout"
2007 - "Run Run Run" The Velvet Underground Tribute

Compilation CD albums

2005 - "Voices Underground". Bands on Tour Compilation
2006 - "A boy through airwaves" Bendito Pop

Get ready for serious tapping of the foot (if you manage to remain seated):

From In the Land of Silver Souls,

Magic Wands

Magic Wands (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Two piece shoegaze-indie-pop band Chris Valentine (guitar, vocals) and Dexy Valentine (guitar, vocals) – aliases apparently. He heard one of her songs on her myspace, things happened, things which resulted in her moving to Nashville, they signed a deal with Bright Antenna.

Their Debut EP is 4 songs long, released in 2009. LP “Aloha Moon” due out 24 April 2012. Yay.

If you like the XX, Metric and Post War Years – you will like Magic Wands.

From debut EP Magic, Love & Dreams:

From the forthcoming Aloha Moon LP:


Alt-J (England)

OK, first things first – the band’s name originates from a keyboard shortcut on Mac – Alt-J gives you Delta. Now you know. Alt-J gives you nothing on PC, and to find the Delta you need to go into symbols and then windings3 (windings????? never mind….). Oh wait – they used to be called Films. Prince comes to mind. Oh no, sorry – the “symbol”. Or is it Prince again? I need strong coffee, brb.

OK sorry, enough band name rants (can you tell this is the first entry after Flashguns -.-)

Another band of wunderkinds – four specimens. What do people feed their children nowadays? Stops digressing.

I hear DnB influence – and that’s as far as I can go without peeking into what someone else said. The sound is very mature; these young ones know exactly what they are doing. It’s refreshing, I like it and you may, too, if similarly inclined. Their first album “An Awesome Wave” will be released end of May (Yay!).

Go to their soundcloud page to find a plethora of mixes remixes and rereremixes of various tunes. On their official site - they encourage fans to download and remix their tunes. The net world buzzeth with articles about them, go forth and read (get ready for a lot of triangles).

Their debut single Tessalate (what’s Tessalate, btw?)

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Discovered band through a playlist, found album on bandcamp, listened and listened and listened, loved a lot, decided to blog it (goes without saying), started research – shock horror and darn darn darn the have split up!!!!!

Well pft

They are (notice the present tense, denial denial denial) a band of teenagers (three of them) from London. I will just quote, am to upset to plagiarise in a witty way. Swiped off of

"It's hard work getting a band off the ground. Yet Flashguns managed over the course of five years to build a devoted fan base, maintaining a DIY spirit which saw them release a handful of great singles and one - much under rated - LP.

Debut album 'Passions Of Different Kind' dropped earlier this year (2011 they are talking about), but it seems that the record will now act as a book end for the band's career. Issuing a short statement via their official website Flashguns confirmed that they had come to an end.

'We regret to tell you that we have decided to end Flashguns. After five years it's come to a point where we feel like we need to move on as musicians and people. We have loved every minute of it, but this feels like the right decision. We are sure many people will be disappointed, especially after the recent release of our debut album. All we can say is that when we started this band we wanted it to last forever, but unfortunately that is no longer possible.

We hope you will continue to enjoy our music and thank you to all those who have supported us over the years. The Berlin show at Karrera Klub on February 4th 2012 will be our last.'

Sam, Giles and Olly"

End of swipe

This is their official site HERE, go tell them to stop this break-up silliness and give us more of what they got me (and you, admit it!) hooked on.

Listen to a few tracks I’ve picked out from their first and last LP. I’m just going to sit here and pout for the rest of the day.

Passions of a Different Kind:

Friday, 20 April 2012

Volkova Sisters

Volkova Sisters (Hungary)

Volkova Sisters are a songwriter duo, Daniel Sandor and Dalma Berger. European cold wave with a sharper emphasis on industrial pop. They formed in late 2009 and were joined by Gergely Kovacs (guitar) shortly after.

I discovered them by accident (you will hear this from me over and over again), filed them under “check out later” and then a few months passed in delirium until I stumbled across them yet again. Right then, they seek to be listened to properly – and not without cause, I digress, back to band info -.-

Where was I? Ah yes, they began this project 3 years ago based on their passion for dark wave sounds from the 80’s (so say the sites I am plagiarising, no wait plagiarising from many is considered research, phew!). Their intentions were to create music reminiscent of the shimmering distortions of My Bloody Valentine combined with dreamy landscapes of Cocteau Twins.

The name of the band is dedicated to one of the main characters in William Gibson’s book Pattern Recognition (father of cyberpunk for those of you scratching your heads).

They’ve toured the USA performing in SXSW, illegal warehouse parties in Los Angeles and world-famous clubs like Whiskey a Go Go in the spring of 2011 after the EP launch party in London (major jet lag there).

First album was released in October 2011 on bandcamp, they are working on their next EP which is due out in the Spring (its spring its spring yay).

From their debut EP, Venus Robot, enjoy <3

And so it begins

Music the highest of all art forms...From nothing you create a space which can transform peoples lives. The notes like infinitely endless array of patterns and repetitions, blowing in the wind. Like the sands of the dunes, ever changing...being taken on the whim of weather. These notes or gains of sound are often pleasing, occasionally harsh, bright in the sun, yet dark when the mind of the composer and listener wants to go places uncomfortable. It takes the pairing to take the trip...One cannot do it alone

After looking at a fine painting or a immaculate sculpture I’ve never felt someone actually understands my emotions, where I'm at in this marvellous yet complicated world...yes i admire them for what they are, but music is my life's helps me breathe, it makes me feel alive.

Discovery...the buzz of hearing a band for the first time, be it old, forgotten or something being born from youthful exuberance, I never tire of it...even if I end up doesn't connect, i enjoy the thought knowing it will for someone and their life will feel ever more connected another being somewhere... It’s an amazing thought...people live remote solitary lives in modern times, but music constantly brings us together.

This venture will hopefully open lots of doors and pathways to discovering new parts of your soul which others want you to find....Lets take this journey of sharing together.....

Take my hand.
Follow me.
We learn together.

TICP - Volume 5 - Sadly the last one

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