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Friday, 20 April 2012

Volkova Sisters

Volkova Sisters (Hungary)

Volkova Sisters are a songwriter duo, Daniel Sandor and Dalma Berger. European cold wave with a sharper emphasis on industrial pop. They formed in late 2009 and were joined by Gergely Kovacs (guitar) shortly after.

I discovered them by accident (you will hear this from me over and over again), filed them under “check out later” and then a few months passed in delirium until I stumbled across them yet again. Right then, they seek to be listened to properly – and not without cause, I digress, back to band info -.-

Where was I? Ah yes, they began this project 3 years ago based on their passion for dark wave sounds from the 80’s (so say the sites I am plagiarising, no wait plagiarising from many is considered research, phew!). Their intentions were to create music reminiscent of the shimmering distortions of My Bloody Valentine combined with dreamy landscapes of Cocteau Twins.

The name of the band is dedicated to one of the main characters in William Gibson’s book Pattern Recognition (father of cyberpunk for those of you scratching your heads).

They’ve toured the USA performing in SXSW, illegal warehouse parties in Los Angeles and world-famous clubs like Whiskey a Go Go in the spring of 2011 after the EP launch party in London (major jet lag there).

First album was released in October 2011 on bandcamp, they are working on their next EP which is due out in the Spring (its spring its spring yay).

From their debut EP, Venus Robot, enjoy <3

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