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Sunday, 22 April 2012


Discovered band through a playlist, found album on bandcamp, listened and listened and listened, loved a lot, decided to blog it (goes without saying), started research – shock horror and darn darn darn the have split up!!!!!

Well pft

They are (notice the present tense, denial denial denial) a band of teenagers (three of them) from London. I will just quote, am to upset to plagiarise in a witty way. Swiped off of

"It's hard work getting a band off the ground. Yet Flashguns managed over the course of five years to build a devoted fan base, maintaining a DIY spirit which saw them release a handful of great singles and one - much under rated - LP.

Debut album 'Passions Of Different Kind' dropped earlier this year (2011 they are talking about), but it seems that the record will now act as a book end for the band's career. Issuing a short statement via their official website Flashguns confirmed that they had come to an end.

'We regret to tell you that we have decided to end Flashguns. After five years it's come to a point where we feel like we need to move on as musicians and people. We have loved every minute of it, but this feels like the right decision. We are sure many people will be disappointed, especially after the recent release of our debut album. All we can say is that when we started this band we wanted it to last forever, but unfortunately that is no longer possible.

We hope you will continue to enjoy our music and thank you to all those who have supported us over the years. The Berlin show at Karrera Klub on February 4th 2012 will be our last.'

Sam, Giles and Olly"

End of swipe

This is their official site HERE, go tell them to stop this break-up silliness and give us more of what they got me (and you, admit it!) hooked on.

Listen to a few tracks I’ve picked out from their first and last LP. I’m just going to sit here and pout for the rest of the day.

Passions of a Different Kind:

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