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Friday, 20 April 2012

And so it begins

Music the highest of all art forms...From nothing you create a space which can transform peoples lives. The notes like infinitely endless array of patterns and repetitions, blowing in the wind. Like the sands of the dunes, ever changing...being taken on the whim of weather. These notes or gains of sound are often pleasing, occasionally harsh, bright in the sun, yet dark when the mind of the composer and listener wants to go places uncomfortable. It takes the pairing to take the trip...One cannot do it alone

After looking at a fine painting or a immaculate sculpture I’ve never felt someone actually understands my emotions, where I'm at in this marvellous yet complicated world...yes i admire them for what they are, but music is my life's helps me breathe, it makes me feel alive.

Discovery...the buzz of hearing a band for the first time, be it old, forgotten or something being born from youthful exuberance, I never tire of it...even if I end up doesn't connect, i enjoy the thought knowing it will for someone and their life will feel ever more connected another being somewhere... It’s an amazing thought...people live remote solitary lives in modern times, but music constantly brings us together.

This venture will hopefully open lots of doors and pathways to discovering new parts of your soul which others want you to find....Lets take this journey of sharing together.....

Take my hand.
Follow me.
We learn together.

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