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Friday, 27 September 2013

TICP: OPINIONS #1 - EvanIvan

In our first edition of 'Opinions', we caught up with Canadian singer-songwriter EvanIvan. The talented musician has featured on both compilation albums of The Indie Cassette Player. The caring, charitable man opens up to TICP and gives us his opinions on some random topics.

Calgary Music

Calgary is a great place for music.  There’s the obvious Country-Western scene, as well as a somewhat large scene for Hip-Hop and Pop-Punk music.  Though there isn't much in the way of Pop, Folk or Electronic music yet, there seems to be a growth in the Calgary music industry that seems hopeful!  After playing a few shows at different venues around the city, I really saw how enthusiastic Calgarians are about music.  I’d love to go back and play some more shows!


EvanIvan is my most recent music project, and it began when I moved from Calgary to Vancouver.  I've released two EP’s under that name, and I've started to perform the songs live with the help of some amazing musicians.  My hope is that we can collaborate and release some killer tunes in the future!


The majority of my extended family lives in Dublin, so I've spent some time in Europe, and I love it.  It’s very different from North America, particularly Calgary, which might be why I enjoyed being there so much.  I would love to do some writing and recording in London at some point. There seems to be a music industry there unlike any other in the world.  It’s also a dream of mine to do a tour of Europe.

Touring vs. Studio Time

I have never had the opportunity to do a tour, though I'm working hard so I can.  I would love to take the songs from the EP’s on the road, starting with a tour of Western Canada.  As for studio time, recording has been a passion of mine for years.  I've studied Audio Engineering at three different schools (one in Dublin), and I feel most at home when I'm working on a track in the studio. 

The best thing about being a musician

My favorite thing about being a musician is being told that someone has related with the lyrics I've  written.  I've written a lot of songs that are deeply personal, especially on my first EP, and hearing that someone else has had the same experiences as me, or can understand where I'm coming from, is great.

The EP ‘I Am’

‘I Am’ is the first EP I released under the name EvanIvan.  The songs were recorded as I attended the Nimbus School of Recording Arts in Vancouver.  Some of the songs were written while I was in a relationship, and others were written as the relationship was ending.  It chronicles my journey through that time, which was a hard one. 

The Internet & how it's helped your career

Without the Internet, my music would have not reached a fraction of the people it has.  It has helped me earn fans from around the world, and got my music to DJ’s who have played it on radio stations in Calgary, Vancouver, London, Dublin and France.   Up until now, it’s been the major platform for releasing my music. 

You can find EvanIvan here:

by Indie Cassette Player 

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