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Friday, 13 September 2013

Soundtrack To Your Thoughts

There is music and then there is music. Some to tap your foot to, some transports you into the moment in time by which it is forever tainted, some tears you apart at the first few cords, some teases out a smile, some makes you wonder how a perfect stranger can get into your mind and put your emotions hopes and fears into words you could not shape.

TDeL2 is all of these – and none of the above.
I usually have headphones in my ears while driving (not safe, I am told), working (yes.) or if I am out and about on my own – the sum of the three basically make up my day. More often than not, my thoughts block out the sound, rare is the tune that snaps me back.
Listening to TDeL2 commands you to do just that – think. You can’t help it. You are transported over the rolling soundscapes of lush electro-indie into a warm fuzz of the last summer days. Your view is unobstructed for miles, there is hope after all, life is good. Smile.

Tony says:

“The LP is a collection of songs I've worked on for the past 6 months or so. It will be released on Monkey Records out of Berlin, Germany.  All songs on the album were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by me (Tony DeLuca) and they were mastered by Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities in Oakland, CA. The album is heavily instrumental, but includes several tracks with vocals.

If I had to compare it to current bands, I would probably say it would be for fans of Emancipator, Owl City, Miike Snow, Yppah, Lusine and The Album Leaf.I try to write songs that create a mood for the listener, and evoke some sort emotion whether it be happy, sad or contemplative.

I just want the songs to mean something to the listeners.”

His debut single "Fearless Youth" is out today - September 13th. It's available on iTunes and Amazon. The full length debut album ”Barnegat” will be out November 8th, on Monkey Records.

Debut single "Fearless Youth" video:

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