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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

One Year Later: LUNGS

This time last year, Indie Dunes were testing the waters of the vast indie blog ocean, trying to find our way through the how's and the whys, gingerly navigating between the long established (and grumpy) indie dinosaurs and the fellow indie blog tadpoles with a "the band I found is better than the band you found" attitude.

The first band that contacted us with a request for a feature were the LUNGS. We were stunned, speechless and didn't really know whether to run and hide or scream all girly, but after a few silent ohemgees we experienced the first rush of one being allowed behind the scenes of an artist's creative process and for the duration of a brief email exchange, part of their journey. 

This time last year LUNGS were unsigned, a few demos graced their SoundCloud page, with a daily dose of Suzy's photographs posted on Twitter

FF one year

HERO Records - an Edinburgh/Birmingham record label have just released LUNGS's second single 'Not Mine' b/w 'Hold Me' a couple of days ago, following the release of the first single 'Faraway' b/w 'Loner' last July.

LUNGS are planning to release their debut album in Spring 2014, and judging from the singles we've heard so far, it's going to be a deeply personal, dream-pop confession.

We are watching from the sidelines, proudly hosting the only public version of the first song LUNGS wrote together - Calling My Name

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