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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Blessed Are Those Who Believe Without Seeing Me: Here's La San Puta

More often than not, bands featured on Indie Dunes are fully formed (as in - out of band puberty), with a debut freshly out or about to be released.

Today's band has a name, members are still gathering, a few tunes await the attention of your ears - but the idea and the dream are well established and are eager to burst into life - the band's creator, El Santo, spoke to us about the process of a band being born.
What caught my attention at first, before I pressed play to listen to your tunes - was the name - La San Puta - brilliant! What's behind it? :)
La San Puta is an Argentinean colloquialism which refers to a saint who doesn't exist. The purpose of this project was to make real a thing that, by definition, is not. And convincing the world we do exist. 
Is this your first Project?
In fact, I play the bass in Joint Ravolta, a post-punk/noise rock band. I needed to express something else, some strange and dark ideas, horror stories. It's easy to talk about girls and drugs in your lyrics (I could do it if I wanted to), but I'm into that kind of topics everybody avoids. 
What is the music scene like in Argentina? A band recently featured on Indie Dunes from your part of the Planet was complaining about having to compete with salsa, is it much the same in Argentina? :)
Not exactly. I mean there are lots of people getting involved in techno music right now, and rock&roll is not what it was in the 90s.
I believe there will always be an audience ready to listen to new sounds, or at least different to the massive ones. 
La San Puta is kind of Darkwave, maybe Synthpop. We'll try to get people involved into our scene, I hope we can achieve that. I trust.
You are saying "we", who else is involved in La San Puta, I know you are looking for more musicians to join you :)
At first, La San Puta was just me and a song I composed. But when I showed that song ("Dance with me") to Marvin Velázquez, he decided to join the project as producer and we began working together.
Later, I started scouting musicians and I thought about Chico Terror, an old (but young) friend of mine who will be playing the synth. We will need three more musicians and we are working hard to get them. Meanwhile, we are recording the tunes you will find in our first album and then we upload them to the internet. So, all of you can hear us: 
Your target audience is set beyond your borders - is that why you chose to sing in English?
English is the universal language. That makes easier to get followers from other countries.
And I wouldn't lie to you. The main reason is: darkwave style sounds better when it's sung in English, even though our native language is Spanish. 
Yes, one of the languages the genre was conceived in.
"The Man In The Woods" is very sinister, the other two tunes you have posted on SoundCloud have a very different, positive vibe. I'm guessing an album is still early to talk about, have you got an idea of the direction your debut EP/album will take?

The fact is the three tunes we uploaded are sinister in a different way. "Dance with me" tells about a man who rapes a woman."Come on close" refers to loneliness."The man in the woods" is maybe more explicit than the other two tunes, because it tells a story. So far, our other tunes topics are going that way too, dirty actions or dark feelings.
Musically, I imagine our album will be going through dark atmospheres and sinister lyrics, but keeping that beat which makes it able to be danced. I hope our first album could come out soon, if possible, during next year. 
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