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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Visual and auditory senses come together when LUNGS take shape

Forgive me Father, it's been a while since my last post......

What sins do you wish to confess Young Crusty.... (I live in a delusionary state)

Well where to start. My posts generally start off by saying "Bands tend to fall into your lap on Twitter" Never did I expect to get an opportunity like this. It's already been an interesting journey getting to the point of writing this post. Many questions have come and etched a groove in my thoughts. Not just about the music but about OUR role in helping Spread The Word about Independent music and the artists producing it.

The subject of this post is a "Project" rather than a band. LUNGS. Even before I decided to write this post, the name struck me as intriguing and after talking about this post to Fishie, and emailing the members. It becomes evident that they have chosen the name to conjure up an image, an all encompassing image of life springing up from the intake of oxygen that feeds our minds and soul. Its the most organic process our body completes without us thinking about it.

LUNGS sprung from a meeting of two artists preforming in different fields at the same venue. Suzie a  photographer, Magrão preforming on stage. Common interests in cinema helped them spend hours cementing a bond.  

Magrão (A member of the highly acclaimed Guillemots) had been dipping in and out of a side project for the last 6 years. This bond with Suzie has helped LUNGS evolve into something "whole" allowing it to see some light, so we can share. The music brings to me a very trip hop feel, taking me back to Tricky, Portishead and early Massive Attack. The voice reminiscent of Belinda Butcher (My Bloody Valentine) mixed with Micky (Lush) and Toni Halliday of Curve. I wont pull any wool, I found it hard to connect to the music at first. It's not light and breezy, it feels weighed down and to draw an analogy, when listening I struggled for breath. To the point where I thought I could not write a post. Something inside wouldn't let me move on.... I kept being drawn back to the tracks on Soundcloud. With every listen the air, the oxygen flowed easier. It was time to say we would like to do a post and tell LUNGS our style and would they be happy to let us do our thing. They agreed, reluctantly. I felt my throat constrict, what now...... Its difficult, we have our Indie Dunes way. Would we / could we let go of our vision? To help spread the word for another. 

It was only then I actually noticed that LUNGS twitter account tweeted image after image, things started to weave together. The images are striking and technically fantastic. Now I'm not going to pretend to know the first thing about photography, so I will pass onto you the wisdom of LUNGS to help describe the technical intricacies.

Suzie says "all of the artwork is produced by either Magrão or myself. We both prefer working with analogue and both use a lot of double exposure in our image making. Playing around with expired film and doing parts digitally is also fun!"

This was more than just a band, this was art attempting to connect on multiple levels. They want the strands of their creation to work their way into your consciousness. Not play on past triumphs from a previous incarnation. The creation is the focus not the creators. 

It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile is. With the sound and imagery playing like a memory or movie in your head, its dark, complex and strangely beautiful. Take the time to let the concept wrap around you and hopefully you will see what I have and continue to see

LUNGS recently received airplay on Australia's eminent alternative music station Triple J, and my personal opinion is that this isn't going to be a one off event. 

I posed a question earlier "Would we / could we let go of our vision?" The answer is obvious and with good fortune, growth will be achieved on all fronts.

LUNGS fill with vital oxygen, feeding the brain and the heart, so we can go on feeling and seeing the depth of the journey.......

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