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Friday, 5 October 2012

Jugando con Kurt

If you haven't been to Barcelona yet, you should. You will be humbled by the great works of Gaudi, drink champagne while the butcher slices off ham which hangs above your head (yes, butcher by day, champagne tasting by night), if you are there to celebrate the New Year, you will have a mouth full of grapes (the tradition is - as the clock starts to count down to midnight - for every second - you have to stuff a grape in your mouth. key to survival? small grapes, just sayin...), or just chill out sipping carajillo (the Irish have Irish coffee - Spaniards have carajillo, and carajillo wins).

Jugando con Kurt is a Spanish Indie Pop band from Barcelona, formed in 2010, when Antonio R (guitar and vocals) and Carlos M (guitar and vocals) met and started playing together. They quickly discovered that they have very similar musical tastes making it easy for them to start composing.

The first few months of their collaboration planted the seeds of their current songs, but they wanted to give their songs more rhythm and bass - the search for a drummer and bassist was on - bringing Carlos B (drummer) and Gustavo H (bassist) into the final line-up.

They have since played in festivals which cater to emerging bands in Barcelona - like the well known 'Surface' festival. They are currently recording their first EP - which will be released in November 2012.

Their main musical influences are bands like Radiohead, Sigur Ros, The Cure, The Flaming Lips, David Bowie and Spanish bands like Los Plantas, Lori Meyers and Vetusta Morla. Their non musical influence - which has woven its way into the ambiance of their tunes is the location they chose to play in - an abandoned factory, in their own words, and with the helping hand of Google Spanish to English translator:

Among the debris and shrapnel that flood the rooms of the old abandoned heavy weapons factory, you can hear the faint strumming of a guitar that accompanies the incessant noise of thousands of pigeons that populate the highest corners of walls as old as the war itself.

"That space is very important to us, the old abandoned factory undoubtedly influences the sound. Sometimes it seems that we will be crushed under the failing roof, but, nevertheless, we love to play while watching the rain falling through the broken glass. "

Jugando con Kurt sing in Spanish - although you will find a tune in English called 'She' which first caught my attention on soundcloud. I, like most of our readers, gravitate towards bands whose lyrics I understand - English and Serbian in my case, but that always makes me feel that I am missing out on thousands of bands out there who should not be passed up just because I cannot sing along. Lyrics are important, that goes without saying, but when you do not understand them - the singer's voice transforms into another instrument, his/her delivery makes you aware of the emotion, you get it, you understand, you connect on another level. Just listen.

OK, I have to ask - what does Jugando con Kurt mean?

Jugando con Kurt (in English Playing with Kurt) is a two-way name: Playing as "play music" and Playing as "play with toys".

We are beginners in this world, so we are playing to make some music. And Kurt can be whoever you want. Kurt can be Kurt Vonnegut, or Kurt can be Kurt Russell, or maybe Kurt Cobain, or whoever you are comfortable playing with. 

Kurt is an alter-ego of our happiness, Kurt is our religion, Kurt is our family and friends, Kurt is the Fate, Kurt is the Luck, Kurt is the Random, Kurt is God, Kurt is The Evil, Kurt is you, and me and everyone we know. 

Kurt is Kurt.

November Update:

New songs and recordings are now available on the band's official website!

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