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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

On the Radar

It's that time of the month again (not that this is a monthly event), to draw your attention to a few gems discovered of late. I seem to be tuned into the 80's vibe at the moment (as in loads of synth), but I will not stray from angry PMS tunes, promise.

UN (Montreal, Canada)

Not UN as in United Nations, but UN as in UN-available, UN-able to find a lot of information about them, UN-willing to believe there are only two tunes out there. UN is a two girl band from Canada, Jen and Kara, with loads of synth, drums and emotional vocals placing you in the middle of a post-apocalyptic (grass hasn’t started growing yet) haze. So far there are two tracks available for free pickings on bandcamp, with an announcement on their webpage of a full album release due out June 2012 – this either hasn’t happened, or I am unable to find it – either way, I hope this is not all we will hear from UN. To quote Calgary Herald “It’s anti-dance music, cold, moody, distant, aggressive and very nonchalantly sexy”


I believe that the lack of information about this guys is absolutely deliberate (Amy and Ray - no second names) – they keep themselves elusive, throw out a song like 'Pays to Know’ then step back into the shadows leaving you to squirm for more. Her voice, the synth and bass line are entwined in a lyrical foreplay you feel you are trespassing on, should look away, but chose not to. I want more of this. Watch this space.

Buke and Gase (Brooklyn, USA)

Upon hearing ‘Misshaping Introduction’ I experienced a ‘Wait! What???’ moment with this two piece band from Brooklyn. Arone and Aron – play for ten. All limbs are busy playing something, controlling pedals, or trying to prove that some people can and some people cannot touch their nose with their tongue (whoop whoop if you can). They play buke (a self-modified six-string former baritone ukulele), precussion, gase (Aron's creation of a guitar-bass) and a mix of home-made 'instruments' I cannot name – even adding reverb to acoustic instruments. Arone’s vocals hold their own, ducking, diving and soaring through the forest of strings, leading the way into something unique. To get a feel of what they can do – listen to the couple of tunes I singled out from their freshly released EP Function Falls –  amazing, me thinks.

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