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Saturday, 8 September 2012

An interesting concept, doing it together - The Bedroom Hour and more

Today, for the first and may be the only time - Toons and Fishy attempt to write together. Why? Because we discovered the band almost on the same day, and have been silently tug-of-warring on who will write this one. Both will. Peace reigns.

OMG everything is so dramatic. Can't people have a vigorous debate over writing a blog without one party turning it into part of the blog hmmmm. Btw I do see the irony of me actually commenting on this little tug of "my blog would be different to your blog" war 


In upside/down world (Australia) Spring has hit, and in my little world that takes me to different places in my music library. As the gentle warmth of the sun starts awakes the dormant garden, so springs to life my desire to share new delights with my IDDs 

Bloody hell she is trapping me on the metaphorical shoulder. I better shut my dribbling down. Over to the Fishie one. 

You had to bring beautiful weather into this, didn't you? This past week has been one of great musical discoveries – and cringes. What made me cringe? ‘how to dress well’s cover of Janet Jackson’s “Again”. I was listening hoping it was going to turn into an obvious piss-take – but low behold – no one giggled. As usual, one digresses

Rolls eyes...stay on topic Oh Fishy one

But its been a couple of weeks of high expectation for me as well. With the release of Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon Cd and the impending release of The XX - Coexist. I'm like a kid at Xmas. I think  if I was to mention a cringe factor, I'm still trying to get over Brian May looking like John Pertwee in Dr Who from the Olympics closing ceremony LOL. 

I must admit. I'm not sure what the hell I was doing to have missed the introduction of The XX into the world but Ive fallen head over heals with the beautifully simplistic mesmerising sounds and lyrics. Like I mentioned in a tweet to a fellow blogger. They act like they are the coolest of cool. But if I could create atmosphere like they have, I'd probably think I was pretty cool too. The tracks I've heard so far bring a sense of excitement I've long since felt on a big/much anticipated release. With that though comes hole that needs filling 

I wasnt a big fan of joining Twitter, but Toon seemed to be getting all the limelight. So he dragged me in. I was wrong about twitter. In the few days I noobed around, I discovered numerous up and coming indie bands with loads to share and constant flow of recommendations which overwhelmed me with new discoveries by the hour. The long hard hunt for bands has become so much easier - they fall into your twitter lap - all you have to do is pay attention.

And so here enter The Bedroom Hour, not sure how we both managed to stumble across this 5 piece from London within 24hrs but it happened and here we are...

First impression on listening to these guys is that they know their craft, a nice blend of guitars and synth with a vocalist that knows just how to add to the music without to stamping a overbearing pressence. The bands says big influences are The Doves, Elbow and Death Cab For Cutie. Interestingly both Fishy and I, are strongly reminded of one of our favourite bands James.

These muso's have been around a while. The Bedroom Hour came about when other bands the members were part of came to a natural end. From the death of one musical journey there starts a new musical direction (OHHH back to the beginning of spring again). Anyway.....

We managed to catch up with the band for an interesting little session with the guys, where we asked the hard deep probing questions, and also some about their music

Hey Guys, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. And lets start off with a nice serious one.
The Bedroom Hour, Its a great name for a band. Are you hoping to make all your albums under 60mins so its like a name and a way of life?

If we are lucky enough to be signed or be in a position to release an album then it could well be a plan, no one likes  false advertising.

Very true, thats why Ill never buy fairy liquid or fish fingers stating 100% fish flavour. Gotta be some real fish in there someeeeewhere.

In your bio, you state you want to make credible music. What does this actually mean to you?
To us credible means honest, we don't set out to make music a specific way it just comes we have influences that inspire us and we would love to inspire others I would say that would be the ultimate accolade not money, not fame, but to look at new bands in 10,20 years from now and see our name under their influences. To leave a legacy like the bands we love have done.

Soundcloud and Reverbnation are great for getting your tunes out there. But do they make it hard for you to sell Cds or downloads. Is it a double edge sword? Your thoughts

I think it could be a double edged sword you do have to be careful, but at the same time it depends why you do it. We would love to be doing something we absolutely Love and and making a living from it, we have a lot of belief and faith in what we are doing, so lets just hope people that are as passionate about music as we are share the same belief in us.

We mentioned just a moment ago, The Bedroom Hour came about from the death of a couple of other bands. Is this band a gentle refining of a sound you were creating before, or a totally different entity?
It has grown up a lot but that is not a dig at our old bands, we had a great time in those bands. Its just we as people have all grown up a lot so therefore its only natural the music we make now and the statements behind the songs are maturer.

You guys are in based around London, and its been pretty tough time for everyone in Europe. The Bedroom Hour are a 5 piece.
If you had to cut one because of downsizing, who would be the first to go LOL....? (A long silence ensues) Fishy whispering to me....told you not to ask that question....shakes head. Apparently a short straw pulling competition was taking place.
Stu has done the honourable thing and taken the laws of chance in his stride... Everyone brings something to this band its a level playing field, we are all a spoke in a big wheel 

OK back to being serious
Out of your musical heroes, who would you like to work with in producing one of your future Albums, why?

George Martin has always been a hero of ours, the stuff he did with the Beatles later on in there careers is where we would like to go musically!

So atm, theres still 5 of you making fab music, great tracks.
Are the songs/tracks composed as a group or do you have a Morrissey/Marr thing going on?
A lot of the earlier stuff was written by Mark, Rob and Myself but we have found we have been writing much stronger songs as a band each component is as important as the next. either way works well but the end result is that all 5 members have contributed something special into our work.

Ok Guys we are nearing the end of our time together, just a couple of more hard hitting questions to make this a great unforgetable Q and A session.

I really like the work of the Banana Splits, great tunes, better costumes, even better names for band members, Are you guys fans of their work? If not, why not?

Can't say we are...

Really!!! (Toon crosses The Bedroom Hour of his list of favourite twitter bands)....Anyway What do you think made them unattractive to 5 likeable interesting blokes in this band....not a fan of four piece bands?

We think, as a band fame went to their heads, if they had kept a lid on their rock and roll lifestyle I am sure they could have been bigger than the beatles, but their wild ways cost them dearly....there is a lesson to be learned their kids.

Ever thought of costumes to improve your exposure?

Rob as a polar bear, Mark a Panda, while we just point and laugh.

(Luckily Toon only used a pencil to scrub your name out)
And finally, most important question of the session.
Who's blogs are better, Fishys or Toons....we assume you read them religiously

We could never make such a decision, so we tossed a coin but a low flying crow gathered it in his beak and flew off with said coin....we will never know.....paper,scissors and stone normally solves it.

Bugger that didnt solve anything. So one last question.....long standing arguement settler. Xbox or PS3? 

The old spectrum plus 2 was legendary X

Sighs......Not to worry, Im sure this will be sorted in the next blog

Well guys, thanks for spending some valueable moments in your hectic lifes with US. We really appreciate it. Good luck in the future and keep on making great tunes.

So there we have it, Our first and probably last Interview LOL..

On closing, the message is simple, if you want solid tunes in a comfortable listening range....Go to The Bedroom Hour and get busy. Couple of our favourite tracks attached. Go listen, and give the lads some feedback.

Spread the word

Fishy and Toon


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