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Friday, 15 February 2013

Not even Eric thought the birds following the trawler were Crystal Seagulls

I'm a serious music listener. By this I don't mean I'M SERIOUS and everyone else are a
bunch of try hard amateurs. I'd never think that. I mean even in the lightest of music, I
always try to place a serious connection. Like a lyric or sound that brings back a memory.
It's not a deliberate quirk, its just developed.

To be honest sometimes it's a quirk that has stopped my enjoyment of music. Every
tune turns on an emotion. Feelings the need to flee and hide. I think one of the most
annoying times in mine and Fishys friendship was during one of these times when I just
stopped listening to music for many months.

I am convinced Indie Dunes was a ploy to kick me out of one of these phases. It certainly

Saying this though. One style of music is always there to make me feel happy. Much to
some people's disgust lol. I'm going to delve into a review on this sometime soon.

But in the words of Aragon "but not on this day"

Today is about a band that has me made feel and think FEEEEK IT Lets have some fun.

This post has a interesting history before it starts. Well.......This is how it started

"Hey Fishie, New band just followed on Twitter"

"Cool, who"

"Oh Glass Budgies, let me check.......ohhh lol close Crystal Seagulls"

"oh I think I've got them on my phone, cool"

Thought in Steves head "FFS one day I might find a band before she does......"

"Well just because they are in your phone doesn't mean we are blogging, I'm off to listen.... Back soon" TBH I was quite feeking grumpy lol.

About 5 mins later and a couple of tweets to the lads I was back to Fishie saying.
Ohhhhhhh I have a post brewing lol. I could sense a tsunami heading towards me from
the eye rolling in UEA

The Crystal Seagulls, to sound completely condescending, a bunch of baby faced assassins
ready to jump and slaughter the music industry in the very near future. If this doesn't
happen I'll be asking serious questions of the music industry.

With a vibe and maturity securely riveted in the classic sounds and bands of the British
Isles, infectious guitars, fun addictive bass section that marries perfectly to the lyrics.
It's easy to hear the greats of the 90s that have influenced these lads from London. Oasis,
Blur and the Libertines. Blend this with ageless legends like The Jam, Kinks and the
Stones and you have a mixture that will get the foot tapping and a smile appearing on your

On first hearing the EP Crystal Seagulls I instantly thought these lads are plum for an Indie
Dunes Q&A I was right (I generally am). The lads accepted the invitation in a flash. So
lets get into that and let the boys tell us about the music in their own words answering my
Deep Probing musical industry type questions

Take a deep breath, lets swoop on the discarded hotdog and chip at the beach with the
Crystal Seagulls

1. G'day Lads, lets get started. Most important of all, this post cant go ahead if
the answer isn't answered correctly. You guys are London based, any Arsenal

Ben does...well he claims he does. Im a big West Brom fan, Jimbo supports United but
he’s from London so that doesn’t count ever and Els supports his legs because his legs
support him..

So, Ben hasn't got a lot going for him at the moment, a drummer and an
Arsenal Fan. His parents must be very proud ;) Noting the other teams you are
obviously all a bit soft. I like Els. He seems switched on

2. So that's set the tone, now we just need to clarify that your answers are
your true honest answers? Because after hearing your track Ups and Downs,
we don't want your answers influenced with you lads trying to keep girlfriends
happy with mature responses

Don’t worry I wont let the ol’ ball and chain anywhere near this I promise.

3. Did you consider lying on your profile and saying you were from Manchester
for instant success and admiration?

We did consider that but soon realised its not the early 90’s anymore. I’m currently trying to befriend any member of One Direction, piece it, and then sell a kiss and tell story to the papers coz I’m a crazy slut like that and get proper rich and famous off it and release a fragrance.

Mm hmmmmmm well ok then.

4. Tell us about where the name came from, conjures images of Precious

Jimbo said it one day when we were thinking of names, he said it and we all said “yep”.

Nice to see you had an in-depth discussion on the whys and wherefores. Why
banter when Yep cuts the crap and you can get back to making cool tunes.

5. If you ever change your name would you consider Fragile Gannets or The Stained
Glass Albatross

Gannets are greedy as fuck!

6. Musical heroes, who inspired you create such a great sound (serious
question, got to be at least one)

Jay from 5ive.

7. If you could draft in an outside expert to help tweak your sound, how
would you choose (and don't say George Feeking Martin or worse still, Andy

Jay from 5ive.

8. Lads you created a rich full honest sound, yet you are still young......weeeee
babbies in fact, I'm old enough to be your Dad!!! So I must ask this question.
You are careful, aren't you? when you play these jigs....ummmm with the
groupsters, that's what they are called aren't they, lad.....? (I said this in a
broad Yorkshire accent for some reason...)

We in this band wouldn't know any of that life because we exclusively deal in inter-band physical relations, it helps smooth the writing process.

9. Second and last Dad question, When you gonna grow up and get a real job?
Or in other words what do you get up to away from the band?

3 of us are still educating ourselves at various institutions and the other is a full time fudge packer at the local fudge packery.

I want the name of the Fudge Packer!!!!!!!

Stunned silence from all members for at least 30 seconds.

10. I notice Ben "the drummer" is the only one not credited with vocals, just cant be arsed, as drumming is hard enough or mics just to expensive? 

Nah he’s just too busy looking all sexy for the laydeez.

11. Which track out of the 3 listed would you like to put your own Crystal
Seagulls onto and make it something new.

Elvis- Viva Las Vegas
Barry Manilow - Cococabana
Cliff Richard - Wire for Sound

I’d probably have to say cococabana so I could serenade my nan, she’d check that. "Wired for sound" is a club banger thou still.

12. Final Question......You are the Crystal Seagulls, There is a bag of chips. Who is gonna be the first in and hog them, and who is the one with the gammy foot waiting for the dregs. Ohhhhh actually that could also apply to the jigs/groupster Dad question, but lets just keep it at the chips.

As with every problem this band ever encounters i’d of course encourage some form of naked mud wrestle. But then obviously unknown to us mid wrestle a greedy little fucking gannet would swoop in on the blind side and eat them all.

13 Oh I forgot. Deal sealer for Fishy Xbox or Playstation...

Xbox all day!!!

So there we go.

If you learned Sweet FA about the Crystal Seagulls love of music and their will to succeed
from that QandA, welcome to the club. ;) What does stand out like the proverbial dog
balls is that these lads are into having a laugh and they are going to let you hear how serious they are by letting the tunes speak for themselves.

As an older music blogger living in Australia the QandA stimulated my desire to find out who the hell Jay was and what kind of band 5ive were. After research I can safely say they got bugger all chance of getting him to help out. THANKFULLY

The EP has three quality tracks all highlighting the lads skills and understanding of what
makes people want to listen. Starting off with Play Dead the perfect opening track for a
young band. It grabs you from the opening chord and doesn't let you go.

2nd track its slows down with the Oasis styled "Yours for as long as you keep me"

The final track and probably my favourite of the 3 is "Ups and Downs" An upbeat track
which teleports me back to the excitement I felt when I first heard the bootlegged Arctics
album. It's rocky, it's bouncy and its bloody great played loud driving home after a shite

The lads have been actively gigging in these last few weeks. Coming soon is a show with
previously Indie Dunes blogged band The Bedroom Hour (being on here didn't harm then
at all, not positive it advance the cause either though lol) 

Unfortunately the Indie Dunes bus doesn't stop near the venues so we are hoping to read some positive reviews from all new devotees of this fantastic new talent.

Suppose I better wrap up, I've crapped on a bit today.

The Crystal Seagulls might look like a group of baby faced assassins. But they have the
brief to blow your head and socks off with quality songs that will be replayed, loudly and frequently on any device you listen to music on!!

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