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Friday, 25 January 2013

Tingle in the Netherlands - Sterilized Please and a bag of spuds

Music, it is one of those things in life (along with cheesy midday soap operas) that can make you laugh, feel sad and cringe in the space of minutes, this Indie Dunes subject certainly did that to me one afternoon late last year.

I have Fishy to thank for introducing me into the world of Tingle In The Netherlands, its been quite an interesting journey so far. It has taken me into an intergalactic orbit that brought childhood memories of a bygone time flooding back. That's right 80s synth pop returns to the 00s with a cynical tongue dripping with a sense of humour and faintly disguised social commentary.

It is not to often mentioning a cleaning product can have me flashing back to my days as a kid. Lets start off on the launch pad of this journey. It has to be the most excited Ive heard Fishie in a txt message EVER. "Steveeeeeeee!! You have to listen to this BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Cow floppy Udders FFS..HAHAHHAHA" Well how could I not drop everything I was doing and listen straight away. Here enter Housewife's Lament. The rockets had ignighted, there was no turning back from this point.

Tingle in the Netherlands are a collaborative duo consisting of Owen J. and Helen T. Partners in crime in all thing grit and the little bits in-between. Owen's role in this partnership is bringing a range of sounds back into my life that I have not been accustomed to hearing for a very long time. Bleeps bops and laser sounds from cheesy sci-fi series. This could be more simply put as writing and producing the music that have you travelling back at light-speed to Kraftwerk and Gary Numan.

Helen T contributes the genius behind the very clever and insightful view on a life lived behind net curtains and inside cheap highly polished glossy handbags. The vocal harmonies along with the melody are also the domain of Helen. It would be remiss of me not to mention Owen contributed the completed lyric to the track Mammals, all this while Helen drank tea (grabbed from the bio, the info!! not the tea, anywayyyyy)

This led me to ask some really important questions almost immediately. Well one question actually.

How did Helên take her tea?

Apparently really strong builders type tea, white no sugar. Owen however drinks coffee and wine due to upbringing in Belguim.
Ok back to the blog.

Housewives Lament was the track that introduced me to the pleasures of the Tingle. It's commonly called "Shagging the Milkman", you will understand once you listen. On first listen its easy to take it as extracting the urine out of the electronic style of the early 80s and such bands like Kraftwerk and Numan. The sounds are so familiar and easy to place, add this to a humorous, yet acidic depiction of a failing relationship.

There is something extremely funny and yet sad about the story being spun out. The lyrics tell parts of scenes that could be getting played out possibly in many houses around the UK or places around the world with milk deliveries. I could be reading to much into it, but that's the great thing because for a seemingly funny track, it's got me thinking about the grimmy side of life in the suburbs.

What you notice pretty quickly! After you get over being transported back to Numan-land is that this is one tightly produced set of tracks, with clever, precise lyrics used to paint a picture. Granted the lyrics are slightly absurd, and very gritty/adult LOL. But they are the work of a skilled wordsmith. I didnt expect to find myself returning to Tingle on a regular basis, I thought Ahhh Yup, very clever!! Move on. But I return frequently and have a ponder about floppy udders and a heart full of urine.

Ive also found myself writing a song about my days of being a Paperboy, but thats because i want to see if I can match Helens wit, I want to use the line "pushing one through in through her box...." its a work in progress, never to be released

Tingle In The Netherlands are due to release a new album soon. Its been a while since the release of Prostitutes Handbag.... Bring it on I say, I feel like getting a buzz through my unmentionables. We will keep you posted

Enjoy the tracks linked below and follow on the Usual Suspects, Twitter, Soundcloud and Tumblr.

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