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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Welcome To Where Nothing Exists And Everything Is Real

Another band has been brave enough to allow themselves to be exposed to the Indie Dunes question and answer session (aka interview), and we liked their response so much we were tempted to make this post only that – the questions and answers - the P L a N E T S speaking for themselves without our meddling.
The band was formed many moons ago by Adam S the Filmmaker and Adam C the Guitarist, their love for music and theater evolved into a ‘one-of-a-kind-creative-collective’ and where once there were two now there are twenty – friends joined them adding their talents of dance, puppetry, visual arts and additional instruments to the mix.

The P L a N E T S draw their inspiration from a specific place – their debut album – Dark Woods, will transport you into the world of coyotes, wolves and all things mystical one would expect to find in the dark woods – scary story n all.
I was watching one of their shows on Youtube – the audience walking into the venue blissfully unaware that the performance had already begun before the band took to the stage – that they were surrounded by dancers posing as statues, who would come to life with the music, moving among them.

This is where geography works against me – I wish I was close enough to attend one of their shows and be part of the audience playing a part in the experience, but sadly, deserts, oceans, lonely roads, time zones, high voltage lines, war zones, savannas and all things geological keep me half a planet (no pun intended) away.

And, without further ado – the P L a N E T S speak:

ID: Planets. it’s a great name for conjuring up austral images....the stories you are telling though are very grounded on earth in the dirt and nature. Why Planets??

Adam Stilwell: Right now, we're 'of' this earth. It's the PLaNET we know best. This album, our first, is based on dreams and memories experienced in the forests of this earth. But, the times they are a changin', so on the next one we'll cover all of our space travel and alien abductions.

Adam Cotton: You know, we thought this through and coming out of the gates with spacey music with a band name like P L a N E T S is kinda like wearing a denim jacket with blue jeans, not that there's anything wrong with that (if you're Brad Pitt).

ID: You have quite a large pool of talent in Planets, enough to form a reasonable sized Solar System. Who would be Uranus in your band so to speak? Supplementary question....Why do they wear a lot of rings?

Stilwell: If this is an ass joke than it's definitely Father Time. Yes, he is a man, he is in our band and he is the ass of our band. The ass, the mouth...pretty much the same. We just let him spew. Check him out on Facebook. He's under "Phather Time", he says some schmuck stole his real name in order to sell more Pepsi products.

Cotton: Rings? Simple, even PLaNETS need to accessorize, you gotta do SOMETHING if all you're doing is just sitting there spinning in circles for billions of years right??

ID: Planets have had an interesting evolution, after the Big Bang between your parents, its just got bigger and seems like its continuing to expand. Who / what is your target audience?

Stilwell: Humans, primarily. We're not sure who else listens to music on this PLaNET, but we are sure that The Skulls enjoy it. We also have TheRobot in the band, so we run everything by him just to make sure that it all translates. There are a lot more robots out there than you think, ya know...and Aliens.

Cotton: Needless to say zombies too, they get fired up with all this blood and brains business.

ID: Do you have lots of Klingons (groupies) or Who has the most Klingons (Groupies), is that because they have a hairy butt

Stilwell: Definitely TheRobot. When we do the album with TheSasquatch, he'll definitely have competition...considering the hairy butt factor.

Cotton: Key word in that being "competition", you'd be amazed at what's really possible in the swiftly developing field of robot body hair over here.

ID: The Dark Woods in a marvellous concept. Are you evolving a new concept for the next release, or will this theme continue to grow?

Stilwell: We're taking you to space on the next one. It's called 'The Last Starfighter' and it will involve similar characters and themes. Our entire body of work, when you look at it as a whole will look like one big television series, like 'Lost' or 'Twin Peaks'. There will be one giant narrative and arc that makes up the P L a N E T S world, but each individual album will be its own show/story/arc. Look at it this way, each song is a puzzle piece, each album is a puzzle and each puzzle fits together to create the picture. I hate we write songs.

Cotton: Wow well we're not all anti-puzzle around here for the record, I like puzzles, those M.C. Escher ones are kinda tricky though. Actually the P L a N E T S world kinda works like an M.C. Escher puzzle, it's mysterious, intriguing and even when you have all the pieces and narrowly avoid having a psychotic breakdown from trying to put it together, you're still confused and wondering how the dang thing works, and why there's a robot. Wait are there any Escher pictures with robots?

ID: You say Disney and the dark side of the fairy-tales were an influence. There’s a pretty dark story behind the doors of The Brady Bunch, if you dig a little. Do you think that could be your next project? If so, I (Steve) won’t ask for royalties

Stilwell: I won't say 'yes' and i won't say 'no', but i will tell you that we are far more apt to get involved in a Dawson's Creek concept record.

Cotton: Yeah, because a Vampire Diaries concept record would be WAY too obvious.

ID: Lots of members of Planets, obviously money is not a motivating factor. I know you are in it for the artistic integrity. BUT if money was a driving force who would you jettison to increase your take, be your Pluto so to speak? Obviously they would still be able to hang around and be associated with you. But it’s not a fully-fledged Planet.

Cotton: Actually we're big fans of Pluto, we named our band the week it got demoted in protest.

Stilwell: If we make any money, we're immediately buying Pluto so it will again officially be called a "P L a N E T" like we all learned in kindergarten.

The P L a N E T S are currently working on their second album, due to be released in 2014. Until then – get your hands and ears on Dark Woods, attend their performances and spread the word. X

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